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Wifi Gator Services:

Wifi Gator offers many services that separate us from the rest of the competition.

24-7 emergency support.
We take a lot of pride in our serverís uptime, we do our best to balance load and monitor servers. If you notice any disturbances with our service contact our emergency number immediately. We build high quality systems and can reboot and rebuild the entire cloud within under 15minutes

Onsite consultation and deployment.
If for any reason you need WifiGator personal onsite feel free to contact us. Many startups take advantage of this unique ability to solidify our contracts and to have a better relationship between the 2 companies. This is often part of custom programing and integration services.

Wifi Gator custom programing and integration.
As far as we know wifigator is the only option around that will support low-cost custom programing. To programing and designing an ad system for hotspots to adding a new billing option if you need it we can do it.


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