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  New Features In Wifi Gator MX2 - Pro Wifi Billing System.
Very simple to deploy mesh networks, no server knowledge required, we have taken care of the complex parts and provide you with a simple web interface to create and manage your hotspots, set up your payment plans and/or print prepaid tickets. You concentrate on your business, we provide an instant up and running server with a web based interface.

There are many new and unique features in our latest release.

WiFi Gator is the proven leader in wifi hotspot user mangement software, therefor it's not surprising to see a number of other websites using (abusing) the wifigator name to get recognized by the major search engines and draw in business. We recommend using caution if you are considering those alternatives as they do not have the feature rich and easy to use platform provided by WiFi Gator. This has caused a bit of confusion for our customers in the past that are looking for the broad range of features of WiFi Gator.

  • We now support all Mikrotik radios as well as full support for all ubiquity (We have built custom firmware for Ubiquity and files for Mikrotik) radios.

  • Hotspot login now will tell you how much time or bandwidth you have remaining, if your time or bandwidth has expired you will be notified. It also has has a notice as well as specifying an incorrect username. Basically it notifies you of your status as soon as you load the landing page. 

  • We added a recharge button to recharge your account i.e... if you have ten minutes remaining and recharge with an hour, you will now have an hour and ten minutes.

  • We have a popup timer window that is not blocked by popup blockers that shows time remaining. 
    Our system is much more friendly for users on a bandwidth quota plan and the popup window will show bandwidth remaining for those with a bandwidth quota plan.
  • We had issues with gamers getting timed out (idle timeout) so we added a keep alive feature in the popup timer window to keep the session alive. 

  • The popup timer window also has a log-out button so users no longer need to type exit in the address bar. 

  • We added free plans, with or without vouchers. You can control the time, bandwidth up and down as well as a bandwidth quota. This is perfect for gathering users info, it can collect email, users names, zip code etc... you control what information you want to gather. Just hand out a voucher and WiFi Gator does the rest. The hotspot owner can now keep in touch with their wifi users if they collect email addresses. 

  • Every time plan, including tickets has an optional redirect URL to send your visitors to after logging in.
  • Every time plan has the option of requiring a user to enter their email address as their username or allowing them to select their username.

  • All time plans have the option of roaming or not roaming between the hotspots. You can set the free plan to roam and the paid plans to be limited to the hotspot they signed up at or vise versa. 

  • Each hotspot has it's own language file that is easily editable from your browser. This allows hosting hotspots in any language as well as changing the verbiage. 

  • All hotspots are whitelabled so you add your custom branding.

  • Use one of our many designed themes or create your own, you can upload your own custom graphics.

  • Editing your hotspot is made easy with a web based text editor. Keep you visitors informed of upcoming events and promotions.

  • We beefed up user management so all aspects of a uses account can be updated as easily as creating a prepaid ticket. This includes MAC authentication, bandwidth restrictions etc. 

  • Monitor which users are currently online and their bandwidth consumption.

  • Two levels of admin, super admin can restrict access to features of the normal admin. Ie... let the receptionist print tickets but not access billing information.

  • Advanced billing reports allows you to now generate reports by all, tickets, vouchers, free and paypal payments. you can request the reports by date created or date activated. Reports are generated in Excel format.

  • The new billing reports will also tell you which router a user has signed up at. This way you can re distribute poor performing routers.

  • The users online viewer now shows either time remaining or bandwidth remaining depending on the users plan.

  • Added the option to view users that have never logged in and edit their settings.

  • WiFi Gator now supports paypal, and IPpay.

  • About our server
    • Proxmox with raid and watchdog this guarantees a reliable, dependable server environment.
    • Ubuntu v.4.7
    • freeRadius v.2
    • Mysql v.5.1.41
    • PHP v.5.3.2-1ubuntu4.7
    • Apache v.2.2.14 With, Suhosin Patch and eAccelerator

  • Included is a hybrid Mesh Connect / OrangeMesh dashboard. Click the map to add your node, enter your MAC address, no more entering your Lat - Long. see results in real time.

  • Almost every script has been rewritten with security and performance in mind. 

  • Uses PayPal IPN so user names are instantly entered into system. This also has full IPN detail logging which accounts for subscription termination and refunds.

  • Subscriptions are available and automatically terminates the account when the subscription expires.

  • Addressed several issues caused by CoovaChilli.

  • Advanced user archiving, as soon as a users time expires their info gets archived and the user name is available for re-use.

  • Typically with all other vendors you can manually white list MAC addresses. We have developed a revolutionary new way to do MAC authentication, when you set up a time plan, there is an option for MAC authentication. once the user logs in with their username and password, they never have to log in again. (Of course you can also manually white list a MAC address.)

  • Security wifi web cams with location and video feed in Google Maps. Pull up a custom Google map that shows security camera wireless mesh nodes, click on one and see its video feed.

  • Time plans have the option to add an additional MAC for wifi compatible devices such as game consols.

  • Broadest range of network infrastructure and distribution available anywhere.

We have studied the other wifi billing solutions available and we can proudly say that WiFi Gator surpasses them with features, reliability, customer support and ease of use. We can only say this because that is what our customers are telling us.

WiFi Gator Team.


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