Project managment


Wifi Gator was founded in 2007 by Loren Wolsiffer.
The name originates from to the local sales and initial connections he has made in Florida that help bring the system off the ground.

The goal Wifi Gator has kept at its core is it’s to provide the high quality wifi billing software solutions at a low cost. We take innovate approaches that constantly and consistently keep us ahead of the market.

Loren Wolf— Chief Executive Officer and Founder, CEO

Marc Wolf— Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder, COO

Yoshiko Smith— Chief Financial Officer, CFO

Krista Bradshaw— Creative Director, CCO


Programming / Features
East Coast
Status: Offline
Current East Coast Time 7:25 PM EST (GMT -5)

Routers / Firmware
West Coast
Status: Available
Current West Coast Time4:25 PM EST (GMT -8)